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Domestic Uniform Rental is the largest family owned and operated company in the industry.  We answer to customers, not stockholders, and we have been putting our customers first for over 95 years.

Because we can focus upon our customers and not the stock market, we can optimize our route sizes so that we maximize our ability to service our customers rather than maximizing our profits.  We never have more than four routes assigned to our Service Managers so that each can regularly visit every customer to re-asses that business’ ever-changing needs. 

Additionally, we are able to put that extra finishing touch on our product in our facilities.  That means we can zip every zipper on every pant every day, hand inspect every towel and apron, press every shirt and pant, and count every item to make sure that every customer receives personal attention. Our entire team has been dedicated to delivering the Domestic Difference for over 95 years!


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