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Inventory Control System

Inventory control is important in any business, but it is especially critical when your image is at stake.  Only Domestic counts every garment before leaving the customer’s facility to ensure that all garments are accounted for, and so each customer has an inventory count and knows the quantity to expect next week. 

Because we are counting at our customer’s place of business, we know what we have picked up and can identify before the next delivery if a piece has gotten lost on our truck or in our laundering facility.   Companies who use radio frequency devices or bar coding are not counting the garments at the customer’s business and cannot identify if a piece has gotten lost on the route. 

After laundering and sorting all clothing, we count the garments a second time to make certain that we can account for all pieces that were picked up.  If a piece is lost during this process, we replace it at no cost to our customer.

We also count all of our towels, aprons, mops, and mats every week to make sure that our customers get back what they turned in for laundering.

You can focus on your business, and we’ll focus on keeping you dressed for success!


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