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Why name emblems on uniforms?

How important is a name emblem on your company uniform?  You will be surprised how a name emblem can positively impact your business, and team members.. Many of our customers think at first, “why of course Ill put my company emblem on a shirt, but hesitate when it comes to the name emblem. With high employee turn over, people coming and going, they don’t see a need. How wrong they are, as you will read below.


5 reasons why you need to add name emblems to your employees’ work uniforms.


1. Professionalism: When your customers and clients can easily identify who they are interacting with, they are more likely to perceive your business as being organized and well run.


2. Accountability: Your employee’s will have a feeling of ownership, belonging to a “team” being “a part of something.  Employees who wear their names on their shirts, are more likely to take pride in their work and provide excellent customer service.


3. Communication: “Hi Josh, Hey Chris”, your customers will be able to address your team members by name. Just this small gesture engages your customers, creating a connection, and loyalty. This connection transfers into referrals and repeat business.



4. Teamwork:  There is nothing worse than not remembering a persons name.  A name emblem promotes a sense of teamwork and cohesion among employees.  Creates a more personal and dependable atmosphere. When your employees feel more connected to the company and one another, they are more likely to work together effectively and efficiently.


5. Safety and Security: By easily identifying your employees, by name, you’ll realize who is supposed to be in the building and who is not. This can be especially important for businesses that have sensitive or confidential information.


These small but powerful additions to your employee uniforms can make a big difference on how your employee is perceived by customers. When you see a name emblem, you automatically call them by name and thank him/her by name. Your conversation becomes more personable and trustworthy.


Our Domestic Uniform Team, will work with you in creating a name emblem to compliment your company emblem and brand.  We’ve teamed with Penn Emblem, a leading emblem supplier, to create your professional business image.  It’s a bonus in business if, “Everyone knows your name”?.