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Why name emblems on uniforms?

Why name emblems on uniforms?

How important is a name emblem on your company uniform?  You will be surprised how a name emblem can positively impact your business, and team members.. Many of our customers think at first, "why of course Ill put my company emblem on a shirt, but hesitate when it comes to the name emblem. With high employee turn over, people coming and going, they don't see a need. How wrong they are, as you will read below.   5 reasons why you need to add name emblems to your employees’ work uniforms.   1. Professionalism: When your customers and clients can easily identify who they ... Read More

Should I Use a Towel Service or Buy My Own?

Most businesses believe it is cheaper and saves time, to buy and wash their own towels vs having a towel service.  The following is a breakdown of the cost and time involved with buying and washing your own towels. The average cost of 100 bar towels is $100, soap $ 7.75, Laundry prep - Gathering, Organizing - 30 min.   Washing and drying - 170 min,  Folding and putting away - 60 min (based on 2 loads a week).   Additionally,  you have to take the the stinky, soiled towels home, wash, count, inspect, all after work. On average you would be spending  ... Read More

Barcoding and RFID Technology in the Textile Rental Industry

  One issue that has always come up within the textile rental industry is how we track our laundered products from the customer, back to our laundry, through the laundry, and then back to the customer. With rental uniforms, there is an added level of complexity as garments need to make it back to each individual end user within a customer.  Nothing is more frustrating for a customer in our industry than to turn an item in for laundering only to have it lost by their supplier and not returned the following week when the customer needs it for his or ... Read More

Recycled Towels?

Many people are surprised to learn the extent to which we recycle our goods and avoid sending trash to landfills.   Consider a very simple example.  All businesses have spills that need to be cleaned and surfaces that need to be wiped down.  Whether you are a restaurant or a tool and die shop, you need towels!  You have two basic choices.  The first is a laundry service like Domestic Uniform Rental that offers a re-usable towel service.  The second is to purchase disposable towels from a distributor or local store.   Every time a towel is used, it has to be ... Read More

Taking your Uniform Program to the Next Level through Embellishment

At Domestic Uniform Rental, we provide uniform solutions that allow you to “Dress for Success”.  Beyond the garments themselves, we work together with Ensign Emblem to bring your work shirts, coveralls, coats, and jackets to the next level through embellishment.   Embellishment costs far less than the uniforms themselves.  However, these additions add significant value to your brand image and identity. By placing your logo on a uniform, whether it be through direct embroidery or with artwork created on an emblem, your company can gain both brand awareness and garner a sense of cohesion and company-pride within your workforce.   Emblems make your uniform ... Read More

Area Protection Mats

One of the most important aspects of our business revolves around your business’ floors. At Domestic Uniform Rental, we take pride in providing top of the line floor protection products. These mats composed of Plush, High Twist, Heat Set, Nylon Yarn Pile on a 90 mil Nitrile Rubber Backing. Our mats are manufactured to retain their color, stay in place, and fit all of your business’ needs.   Our mats value to your business can be demonstrated by the acronym S.P.A.C.E.-- Safety, Protection, Appearance, Cleanliness, and Economical.     In terms of safety, Domestic’s mats are perfect for preventing slip and fall injuries in the ... Read More

Cloth Roll Towels

We here at Domestic Uniform Rental believe that our customers deserve the market’s best products and services to complete the task at hand. In our business we take pride in our products. We provide cost-efficient, sanitary, and effective products. One of the products we are strong proponents of is the Darman Endura II Cloth Roll Towel System. This product provides an easy, efficient, and effective solution to your hand drying needs.   When dealing with sanitation issues, specifically hand drying, there are many available products ranging from air driers to cloth towel dispensers—each having certain advantages and disadvantages. Though air driers are ... Read More