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5 Safe Ways Domestic Uniform Rental Services Customers during Covid -19

Domestic Uniform Rental has been ahead of the curve in product delivery and safety for years. Our Primary goal has always been the health and safety of you and your team as well as our staff. 


Through this pandemic, we have continued to put our best foot forward and comply with all the local and state COVID -19 procedures and regulations. 


Here our 5 ways Domestic Uniform is working to keep you and your business safe


1.Our products are washed in high heat temperatures designed to disinfect each product.


2. Computerized machines have been incorporated in our processing facilities to limit person to person contact. 


3. Products such as towels and mops are wrapped in plastic while uniform are individually bagged to protect from outside contamination.


4. All work areas including delivery vehicles are sanitized throughout the day and at the close of each night. 


5. Employee safety precautions such as monitoring employee temperatures, routinely changing face masks, and gloves, and accessible hand sanitizer stations are in effect. 


We are proud to be an essential business serving

local and national communities and businesses